Security Services From CBI

We offer a wide range of professional security services. Click on the links below to navigate through our range of services or simply scroll down the page to view them in order.

Areas and Industries We Cover

Areas we cover

We provide security services in the following areas;

  • Manchester
  • Staffordshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Leicestershire
  • Birmingham

We work with companies and businesses of all sizes and descriptions covering both the public and private sector, providing security services, mobile patrols and alarm response for shops, offices, industrial estates, warehouses, factories, showrooms and building sites.

We also provide services for the leisure industry; high profile event management security and private function security, casinos, bars, pubs and clubs.


CCTV Operatives/Retail - Static Security

Retail securityOur security team is competent, trained and equipped to carry out all security duties and to deal with any incidents that may arise with a positive attitude, security presence for public safety and reassurance.

Our team are handcuff trained, trained in overt/covert operations as well as arrest procedures and searching. These are key factors in all types of environments, whether commercial or industrial.

CBI Security Limited also provide fully licenced CCTV operatives, who are trained, experienced and skilled in public space surveillance.

Our core business is the supply and management of trained and licensed professional security officers. Whatever your business, we have the experience to provide the service you require. Manned guarding offers significant benefits when employed as part of an organisation’s security strategy. A security guard, (or security officer) is usually a privately and formally employed person who is paid to protect property, assets, or people. We work with various blue chip companies and provide security guards for;

  • -Gate House Duties
  • -Industrial Estates
  • -Construction / Building Sites
  • -Showroom’s
  • -Sports Complex’s
  • -Student Accommodation’s
  • -Government Buildings
  • -NHS Hospitals
  • -Apartment / Concierge / Reception Duties
  • -Cinema / Retail Complex’s
  • -Store Detectives
  • -Hotel Security
  • -School Security
  • -Bonded Warehouses / Factories & Logistics and many others...

CBI security officers are uniformed and act to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems or CCTV cameras for signs of crime, fire or disorder; then taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.

Every retail company, and indeed store, is vulnerable to a wide array of crime and loss problems. At CBI Security Limited we understand the importance of balancing essential security needs with the highest levels of staff protection while providing and maintaining a secure and friendly shopping experience for the public.

Through our specialist retail division, all CBI Security Limited clients are supported by a dedicated retail management team with considerable experience in this field. We train all our front line staff in:

  • -Theft Prevention Techniques
  • -Help and Assistance Needs of Shoppers
  • -Civil & Criminal Law & Arrest Procedures and Police Liaison
  • -Crowd Control Procedures
  • -First Aid and Fire Safety
  • -Conflict & Communication Management

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Door supervisorsDoor Supervisors - Event Security

CBI Security Limited's door supervisors are a professional solution for any occasion or event. Our door supervisors are smart, courteous, experienced, and highly trained operatives with a high quality of people skills in defusing high risk situations. We are committed to providing the very best security door supervisors (bouncers) and business support staff in the industry. We believe that staff welfare and maintaining high levels of retention are vital to a successful operation. The Service that we provide with door supervisors is based on continuous assessment and improvement.

As part of our Door Supervisors team and Event Security we can provide you with First Aid teams;
-Fully kitted out Medical Vehicles; Ambulances
These are fully vetted and trained members of staff and work within the NHS Sector.

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Mobile Patrols - Dog Section

Dog PatrolsA mobile patrol is a cost effective alternative for clients who do not require the service of a 24 hour manned security officer on site. A mobile patrol, consists of internal/external checks at the clients discretion, or at frequent but irregular intervals according to the client's needs at the client's business premises.

This involves security operatives in marked CBI company vehicles, who are regularly in contact with a 24 hour manned control centre via our two way radio network as well as an available 24 hour phone contact.

Mobile patrol vanEach visit is recorded, even incident free visits, so that the client will always have the peace of mind knowing that the mobile procedure is in place.

Dog services are available at the client's request.

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Alarm Response - Open/Lock-up Service

Open/Lock-up Service

CBI Security Limited provides a 24hr alarm call out response service to clients for commercial, industrial and residential properties. This is monitored by a manned control centre that operates 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. This relieves the client of the worry, time and effort of having to chase up false alarms and the risk of answering a genuine call.

CBI Security operates a fast and reliable mobile response service. Theft and vandalism can cost you thousands of pounds a year. With our network of highly competent and skilled personnel to provide key Holding and Mobile Patrol, a quick response is assured when your alarm is triggered.

Response unit van

We Operate in accordance with ICO Data Protection Act and requirements and backed by a 24-hour communications centre.

With our fleet of patrol vehicles strategically located across the UK and our close working relationship with law enforcement agencies we make sure your properties and premises are safe and secured at all times.

Attending unoccupied or high risk premises particularly during unsociable hours, should be taken seriously and the person responsible should be aware of the hazards.

With a guaranteed response time of 20 minutes within the Staffordshire county, the response patrols are trained in dealing with these types of situations. CBI Security Limited can provide clients with an open up/lock up service at their premises be it commercial/industrial or residential.

Also in partnership with ideal alarms, a nationwide alarm installation company with a 24hr alarm monitoring centre, with CBI covering the west midlands area.

In partnership with Ideal alarms

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Close Protection

Close Protection

CBI Security offer a variety of high quality Close Protection services to ensure the personal security of diplomats, corporate executives, families and individual VIP's in a range of environments. CBI Security has the knowledge, operational experience and skills to address threats in today’s environment and to integrate a wide range of resources and expertise to provide the client with security and safety solutions to fit their requirements and have economical value.

Terrorism, instability and civil unrest can provide executives and the VIP with numerous security difficulties that may affect business continuity. The celebrity has well documented problems with unwanted attention from paparazzi or on a more personal level from the obsessed stalker.

We recognise that each client has specific needs and desires, which are assessed and addressed individually. Solutions are then planned and tailored to meet the most rigorous demands. Everyone’s security situation is unique, and CBI’s highly trained Close Protection Personnel will conduct your individual or team level protection with a full understanding of your issues and safety requirements.

Providing Individual and Group Close Protection or Residential Security Teams, CBI delivers a professional, discreet and flexible service enabling you to achieve your objectives with confidence, in the UK and abroad. We will provide you with a highly professional and experienced protection team. Our dedicated Close Protection teams adhere to a strict set of values and personal protocols - amongst these are integrity, discretion, respect, innovation and adaptability. All of our bodyguards are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and diplomacy. All operatives are handpicked to ensure that your requirements are met and exceeded. All operatives have proven exemplary records in this field and all are; Ex-Army, Ex-Special Forces, or Specialist Security Professionals.

Drivers / Vehicles

We can provide fully trained Close Protection operatives who are skilled in evasive driving techniques, and convoy driving can be provided. The vehicles supplied by CBI can be outfitted to suit your needs. A full range of prestigious and discreet vehicles are currently available.

Residential Protection

CBI can provide both security consultancy and physical protection to keep your place of residence secure and protected at all times. Our dedicated teams assess the shortfalls in the security of your residence and develop methods to resolve them efficiently. In addition, a fully trained team can be assigned to guard and protect your residence.

  • - State of the art alarm and monitoring technology available (operated by trained professionals)
  • - All operatives assigned to residential security duties have had a recent C.R.B check
  • - Full security systems designed and fitted
  • - 24-hour remote monitoring service available
  • - Key holding service available

*All Operatives are licensed in accordance with the SIA – Security Industry Authority and hold Close Protection licenses.

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Event Management

Event managementWe at CBI Security can cater for all your event management needs, be it indoor or outdoor, we offer a full service, with a very hands on approach, providing everything you need for the perfect event from:

  • > Staging
  • > Lights
  • > Sounds
  • > Events Support
  • > Security Arrangements
  • > Car Park Management
  • > Site Plans
  • > Health and Safety
  • > Licensing Laws
  • > Portable/Disabled Loos
  • > Pit Barriers/Front Of Stage Barriers
  • > Marquees
  • > Harris Fencing

We provide a high quality of service and work alongside the client at all times to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Everything is tailor made to suit the client's individual needs.

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